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Firestarter 2022 Torrent Download Charlie is a charming sweet girl. At first glance, it will not be possible to say that it is somehow different from others. But in reality, everything is somewhat different. This restless person can kindle a tireless fire with one glance and make everyone worry. It would seem that this ability should turn her into an invulnerable girl. But in fact, public services do not get tired of hunting for her, and constantly harassing the whole family. For 10 years they have had to hide from public services, hoping for the best. After all, if they end up in their hands, then the unfortunate creature will instantly be surrendered to inhuman experiments.

This cannot be allowed to happen. If at first hiding was not so difficult. It wasn’t long before Charlie began to reach adolescence. The young lady increasingly began to notice that she could harm others. This did not give her peace of mind and made her experience certain difficulties. But how to learn to control the endless possibilities and stop getting upset over the little things? Yes, she was lucky to be born completely different from the rest. But is it really worth it to be so sad? You can always find a decent way out and solve all problems.