Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

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Pete Mitchell is one of the best Top Gun pilots. Top Gun: Maverick 2022 Torrent Download He was one of the first pilots who studied the basics of aerobatics at an elite military academy. Almost thirty years have passed since then. His name is covered with legends, about which teachers tell novice pilots. Once Mitchell received an order: to arrive in California, in the very school with which the hero has many memories. Here he experienced not only the best times: true love, the acquisition of sincere and true friendship, but also the worst, connected with the tragic death of his father, also a military pilot.

Now the command offered Mitchell, who eventually pacified his explosive temper, to become a mentor. And although for many years he avoided promotion in every possible way, not wanting to get into situations where other people’s lives would depend on his efforts, now he agreed. This happened after Maverick’s meeting with the young lieutenant. Bradley Bradshaw is the son of Nick, Pete’s best friend. Bradshaw Sr. has died, and Mitchell feels responsible. The fact is that Bradley entered a small flight squad, which has to perform a secret and especially dangerous mission. Pete must prepare the young people as much as possible, until they fully realize that in the sky you can meet your death.