Breeders Season 3

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Breeders Season 3

Breeders Season 3 Torrent Download Paul and Ellie are a married couple. They love each other. The young couple tries in their family life to arrange their life and way of life in such a way that they have enough time and energy for a pleasant pastime with friends and for household chores. They try to maintain a balance between work and communication with relatives, between personal hobbies, passions and joint family affairs. But, Paul and Ellie do not always succeed. After all, they already have three children.

O! Raising three children is not easy! Each has its own character, its own requirements and requests, its own tastes and inclinations, its own interests. Try to please everyone! Ellie and Paul try to be exemplary parents. Their relationship is not ideal, their educational methods are not always justified, but they strive to instill the best in their children and raise their heirs well. Of course, family relationships cannot be called ideal, but they have a desire for the best.