The King’s Man (2021)

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The villainous shadow community is plotting a large-scale war at the start of the 20th century for the sake of destroying millions and fabulous profits from the clash of peoples. To counter the monstrous plans, The King’s Man agency is created. His inspiration is the Duke of Orlando of Oxford. Understanding the tragic changes in the world, he also loses his wife Emily, finally promising his beloved that their son Conrad will not enter the battlefield. But he experiences terrifying impotence when his friend, Archduke Ferdinand, is eliminated.

The King’s Man 2021 Torrent Download From this event, Europe is torn apart by conflicts – at the behest of a mysterious villain-puppeteer, who leads the chaos. With Shola and Polly, the hero creates a secret spy network, introducing agents into the internal services of states. By extracting the necessary information, they are trying to manipulate the European leaders. But the mysterious villain is not easy either – continuing to destroy the world order, he assembles a destructive team of Rasputin, Mata Hari and Erik Jan Hanuussen. In response, the peacekeeper has to introduce the offspring into the sphere of secret missions.