Hacks Season 2

Hacks Season 2 Torrent Download Few people have enough talent to be at the top of show business, and only a select few manage to gain a foothold there. Stand-up comedian Deborah Vance is a true legend among her peers. For decades, she managed to draw huge halls and cause standing ovations with her performances. Now, the honored stage worker lives in the Palmetto casino, which is located in the city of Las Vegas. Until recently, the administration not only paid all the bills of the main character, but also paid generous fees for exclusive concerts in their institution.

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Episode 1

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Hacks Season 2 Torrent Magnet However, the owner has decided to cut back on Deborah’s performances in order to make room for younger and more interesting artists. This seriously upset the woman and she expressed outrage to her own agent. The latter did not console the star, which is losing popularity, but advised to hire an assistant in the person of Ava Daniels.

The twenty-five-year-old girl was a sought-after comedian on television in Los Angeles. That’s just because of a not too friendly tweet, she was declared “persona non grata” and lost her job. Arriving at the meeting, Ava is unpleasantly surprised by the hostility from Miss Vance, who considers the agent’s offer a humiliation of her own dignity.