The Essex Serpent Season 1

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The Essex Serpent Season 1 Torrent Download The exciting events described in the dramatic story unfold on the territory of Victorian England. Time of action – the end of the 19th century. In the center of the plot is a pretty woman named Cora Seaborn, who one day makes a fateful decision. She packs up and moves to permanent residence in a picturesque county called Essex. It is located in a tiny village and is not in demand among the urban intelligentsia. But the pretty lady tries not to regret that she exchanged London for a small settlement.


It soon becomes known to Kore that the villagers believe in an ancient legend. It is dedicated to the existence of an inhuman and ruthless man-eating snake, who has securely settled in a swampy area and is not going to leave the people alone.

The Essex Serpent Season 1 Torrent Magnet The self-sufficient and impulsive Englishwoman categorically refuses to adhere to this theory and share the position of the frightened population. She is a fairly progressive person and prefers to rely entirely on science. The fearless beauty wanted to get to know the theory better and prove to the citizens that there is no mystical creature. Many amazing discoveries await her.