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WDYWTBWYGU (What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up) torrent download is the long-awaited debut album from Massachusetts artist Johan Lenox. He led up to this project by releasing the singles phases, You Up? No One Gets Me, I’m A Mess, Get My Shit Together, and Fuck This Town.

01. What Happening (feat. KayCyy & Brooklyn Youth Chorus)
02. I’m a Mess (feat. Lancey Foux)
03. You Up? (feat. Ant Clemons)
04. Some Sort of Intent
05. Get My Shit Together (feat. Thouxanbanfauni)
06. Fuck This Town
07. Aimless
08. Hitting Different
09. Burning Sky (feat. Mr. Hudson)
10. Don’t Be a Loser
11. No One Gets Me (feat. RMR)
12. Phases (feat. Cousin Stizz)
13. Almost Time (feat. 070 Shake)
14. What Do You Want to Be?
15. Don’t Wait for Me