The Mandalorian Season 1, 2

A bounty hunter comes to the bar to find his target. The Mandalorian Season 1, 2 Torrent Download When a warrior turns over several villains, the intermediary gives a particularly important assignment, which must be received from a mysterious person. Having done his job well, he goes to the spaceship and looks for it completely disassembled. With the acquired comrade, he tries to return the spare parts and receives another mission from the thieves. Unknown forces enter the battle. As he follows his flying object, he notices that a new battle has begun. After he learned that a hunt was announced on him, he decides to hide on an unfamiliar planet and rest.


Season 1 Full

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Season 2 Full

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The Mandalorian Season 1, 2 Torrent Magnet Here he finds new acquaintances and acquires a new assignment. Then he goes to another planet. There is a firefight in space. Arriving, the ship leaves in the parking lot, he goes to the city in search of work in order to pay for the parking lot. But the fame of him is spreading at a very fast speed, and he finds another danger. During the execution of the request, he learns that the accomplices cannot be trusted and that he was not told the whole truth about the mission. An old acquaintance asks him to return and help in the battle. To do this, the Hero gathers his personal team to carry out a life-threatening task.