Metal Lords (2022)

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Metal Lords 2022 Torrent Download The main characters are characters who are on the sidelines of this life. Everyone considers them losers, real losers, and you hardly even want to communicate with such people. But these teenagers did nothing terrible for which they could be so hated. After life teaches each of them an object lesson, they understand that only by joining forces can something be achieved. The thing is that they both love heavy metal music, and will try to move in this direction. It’s already clear that each of them wants to rock the scene like a true heavy metal god. But will such a wish come true?

Metal Lords 2022 Torrent Magnet It’s not clear yet. The main characters will act to achieve their goal, which means that the first obstacle in the way of the losers is participation in the musical battle. These guys are not afraid of anything to prove that they are not any losers, the boys are ready for anything. We’ll have to forget about modesty and other unnecessary character traits. Only by proving to themselves that they are the gods of rock, perhaps these guys will become so in reality.