Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

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At the height of her excitement, a desperate elderly Chinese woman inadvertently activates her “third eye” and joins the many variations of her own personalities in the multiverse – with a set of their skills, emotions and memories. Everything Everywhere All at Once 2022 Torrent Download In return, the lady will have to save the universe from an unexplained threat in a crazy adventure. Chinese immigrant near retirement age, Evelyn Wang, sits tangled in her home, surrounded by a pile of bills and checks. Desperate to deal with taxes, the woman comes to the tax clerk.

An impenetrable cold-blooded bureaucrat explains something, pointing her finger at the papers, and provokes an attack of insanity in the exhausted heroine, splitting her consciousness. In a whirlwind, it seems to fly through a myriad of dimensions, slowing down for a short while and penetrating into alternative bodies. Everywhere are signs of impending doom on the multiverse. And in the role of herself – an opera singer, an animated character, a chef, a martial arts virtuoso – Evie fights and wins.

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