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Love, Death & Robots Season 3 is a new television project, the plot of which is devoted to fantastic themes. The peculiarity of the series is that each episode is only fifteen minutes long. However, this was enough to tell a full-fledged story that could surprise with its originality. Each of the stories is unique and unrelated to the previous one. In total, eighteen short films for every taste are waiting for you, which will allow you to experience different emotions.

In the first short story, we will talk about a young girl who until recently was happy and led a normal life. But once she had a chance to face a tragedy that changed her once and for all. She was raped, which is why she is now forced to fight against everything that is connected with the male sex. And at a certain moment, this leads the heroine into the world of the fight of biorobots, where she will try to throw out all the accumulated aggression. Other novels will also focus on people, robots and the relationships that develop on this basis. Hence the name of the series, which is fully revealed throughout the project.