Gold (2022)

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Fate brings the main characters of the film Gold 2022 torrent download during their wanderings through the endless sands of the desert. Two strangers accidentally find a giant gold nugget. The cowboys are overwhelmed with happiness, but they rejoiced prematurely. The nugget is deep in the sand and it is impossible to extract it with improvised means. Then the men make a decision: one remains to guard the prey, and the other goes in search of special equipment.

The wanderer, left completely alone in the middle of the desert, does not even guess what trials are prepared for him. The fear of losing gold makes him endure thirst, resist strong winds. For the sake of wealth, he enters into an unequal battle with a pack of wild dogs, overcoming the pain of wounds, he fights for an ingot with the same adventurers as he is. Days pass, the strength of the protagonist is running out. The psychological state of the cowboy is no better than the physical one. After some time, he comes to the conclusion that his comrade has abandoned him and is not going to return. But, how to leave the gold, because for the sake of it he endured so many hardships?