The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Torrent Download One maniac kept the whole district in shock. There seemed to be no escape from him. The chainsaw was his weapon of choice. It was very difficult to survive in a fight with an obsessed maniac. Few people can boast of a happy outcome of the match. He was killed, burned, caught, but all in vain. Why is he so invulnerable, many tried to answer, but composing legends, they did not find an answer. As if every time he was reborn from the ashes and returned from the underworld. An evil demon with an advantage with a chainsaw – this is how those who have ever encountered this monster spoke about him. After many years of calm in Texas, nightmares for the local population resume again.

Country: USA, Bulgaria
Genre: Horror
Release year: 2022
Duration: 01:23:04

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The misadventures of the civilian population begin from the moment a group of tourists appears in Texas. They find themselves in a very sad situation when they turn the wrong way. The path of a group of friends seems long and difficult. Not to understand what exactly to face all the participants of the new adventures. They had never heard of such a creature as Leatherface. They did not know that he was armed with a chainsaw and bloodthirsty. Children will remember such adventures for the rest of their lives, if they survive, of course. It will be very difficult for them given everything that is happening. Dangerous games with the maniac begin.