Prehistoric Planet Season 1

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Prehistoric Planet Season 1 Torrent Download Before us is the newest and critically successful documentary project that will show the world of dinosaurs. He will talk about how dinosaurs behaved, what kind of creatures they were and why they died out. Each series, consisting of five episodes, is aimed at revealing all the questions that have long tormented paleontology lovers – What were the dinosaurs like? A small tyrannosaurus rex begins a marathon of stories. He was born not so long ago and wanted to start hunting already. He got nothing but a tiny turtle. The sea turtle had just been born and wanted to go back to the sea.


Then a giant appeared on her way, who also appeared in this wide world not so long ago. They met each other and the turtle won in time to escape. The dinosaur was too small and, despite his instincts, he did not have the necessary experience. Thus begins his most exciting adventure. They promise to be very educational. You can watch his adventures on land and in water. It turns out they all swam perfectly and hunted at the same time. Thanks to computer graphics and visualization, you can see that world with completely different eyes. Find out how beautiful and virgin the nature of the globe was.