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Stranger Things Season 4 Torrent Download The town of Hawkins, lost somewhere in the US, mid-80s. Hawkins’ people lead unremarkable, boring lives. But one day a tragic event occurs in the city. Will Byers, a student at a local school, disappears without a trace. His mother sounds the alarm and asks for help from the sheriff. The guy’s friends – Mike, Dustin and Lucas – also start looking. The guys start combing the local forest and find a mysterious girl there. She is shaved bald and calls herself a strange name – Eleven. Odie admits to the guys that she escaped from the secret laboratory where the experiments were carried out, because she has unique abilities. It is thanks to these superpowers of a new acquaintance that friends manage to find Will.


It turns out that he was kidnapped by a monster from the underworld. Together, the guys free Will and close the portal to another world. Time passes, terrible memories are erased, and life goes on as usual. Found in the forest, Odie is used to the life of a simple girl. Studying, first love – all this captures children, and they forget about the trials they have experienced. But one day, strange events begin to happen in the city again. Friends understand that the monster that kidnapped Will has returned to the city and the gates to another world are open again. And this means that the guys will again have to fight monsters, but now not only for their city, but for the entire planet.