The 355 (2022)

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The 355 2022 Torrent Download The main characters of the film are five determined and brave women who stood up to protect the whole world and humanity. It all started with the fact that a certain organization appeared on the planet and began its dark activity, which set itself the goal of enslaving the Earth and its population. The employees of this organization even developed their own weapons, thanks to the power of which it was possible to easily capture humanity. However, five brave heroines found out about the impending danger in time and decided to resist the universal evil.

To do this, they had to unite in one team. The group was named “355”. Women embarked on the path of real war, driven by one desire – to save people from death. They have a difficult mission, and it is not known who is stronger – a team of heroes or their bloodthirsty enemies. In any case, women will not step back and will fight to the last, even if not everyone happens to return alive and unharmed to the ranks. The existence of the native planet is at stake, which means that a step to the side is tantamount to death, which cannot be allowed.