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Scream 2022 Torrent Download The return to her hometown of a woman hunting for answers about her mother’s horrific death coincides with yet another invasion by a mysterious serial killer. Passions and fears have long subsided after the mass gutting of teenagers in the Californian town of Woodsboro, 25 years old. However, the trailblazing killer once again puts on the mask of the Ghostface, aiming at the bloody terror of today’s youth, picturesquely coloring the forgotten secrets of the deadly past.

Simultaneously with the renewed massacre, Sidney Prescott, who came to find out what happened to her mother, finds herself in the crimson epicenter – the persecution is immediately directed at her as the bearer of a direct connection with the massacre of a quarter of a century ago. The young investigator is joined by Botox-rejuvenated surviving witness of terrible events Gail Withers. Together, they figure out that everyone in the group of closest victims is definitely connected to one of the previous murders.