Licorice Pizza (2021)

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Events unfold around a teenager living in one of the picturesque cities of San Fernando. The action takes place in the 70s of the last century. The main character has a lifelong dream of becoming a real artist. He decided to fulfill his cherished desire and entered the faculty of acting. On the way to great fame, the young man meets Jon Peters. He is a star producer who helped Barbara Streisand herself on her way to becoming. The hero for a long time could not imagine that dreams could come true. But one day he will have to reconsider his personal options.

Licorice Pizza Torrent Download First love haunts, he often thought about her. One day, Alan’s classmate comes to him to ask for help in a rather sensitive matter. The life of the hero could not have been better, but certain events make the boy think about how indifferent he was to his own way of life. He began to appreciate what really fell to him with great difficulty. But he always remembers how difficult it was to start and try to get on the path that he had dreamed of all his life.