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This Is Us Season 6 Torrent Download The main characters of the series are brothers and sisters. Kevin, Kate and Randalla, parents call them not otherwise as a big triple, because this Trinity is always together, and so it was from childhood. In addition, the series describes the life of the parents of these heroes – Jack and Rebecca. The heroine gave birth to children when she turned 36 years old. The joyful event happened straight on his birthday, and became a huge gift. Of the three twins born on that day, only two survived. The third child dies in childbirth.

The main characters think that God wanted to have three children, so the African American Child is adopted. According to a unique coincidence, this baby was born on a day with their biological children, and got into the same hospital. The biological father of an abandoned child left him. When the children were 17, then their father Jack dies. The story of their lives, the story of their choice, the story they write themselves. This series conquered millions of television viewers around the world, because the characters are spelled out so that they are fascinating to watch them, and wait for the next series with the sinking of the heart.

Production: USA
Year of release: 2021
Genre: Drama, Melodrama, Comedy
Duration: ~ 00:46:00

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