Last Seen Alive (2022)

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Last Seen Alive 2022 Torrent Download Will Spahn, an ordinary citizen of his country, who is about to get a divorce. He takes his wife to her parents so that she can calmly think about the upcoming events that await them during the divorce proceedings. During a stop, at the most ordinary gas station, Will’s wife strangely disappears. He tries to find her, but no one saw her, where and in what direction she disappeared. The police are involved in the search, but according to all the revealed circumstances, Will is the only one who had the motive and the opportunity to kidnap his wife. And now he has to prove his innocence and find his wife.

Strange things are happening in the town where Will is stuck. A salesman at a gas station hides from the police the evidence that is recorded on camera. But how angry the husband of a missing wife can cross the line in order to get his wife back. Will forcefully takes the camera to view footage that could lead to the denouement and help find her. On the footage, his wife leaves with some unfamiliar man. Will, finds him, and is ready to use the most cruel torture to find his wife. But it seems that everyone in this city is against him even a step closer to the truth.