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Pistol Season 1 Torrent Download It is only thanks to courageous innovators that progress is made in the world. This applies to any field, whether it be science or art. Music would never have been such a diverse art if not for the musical revolution that took place in the 1950s. Rock musicians who began to collect stadiums became world celebrities at that time.

At their performances, real game was going on, which is impossible to imagine even now. Every second fan wanted to get pregnant from her favorite musician, while countless bands themselves toured world tours several times a year. A similar phenomenon did not exist for several years before, but at a certain period it became a real event in world pop culture. The main character of the story is a musician who forever changed the views of a whole generation on music.

The legendary Steve Jones, who founded the Sex Pistols. There were so many events in his life that in his autobiography he decided to recall the best of them. It was “Sex Pistols” in the UK that began a real punk rock revolution, the music of this team was in the first places of the charts, it literally owned the opinion of the British, and then the inhabitants of other countries. But, probably, it was not easy for the main character to feel like a pioneer in a certain area, well, nothing, this brave man coped with everything.

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