Hustle (2022)

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The protagonist of the film Hustle 2022 torrent download is Stanley’s basketball team coach, who is now going through far from the best of times, because his team is losing one game after another. As a result, Stanley is fired, he is left without a job, they do not want to take him as a coach even for school teams. Meanwhile, Stanley does not despair, he is sure that he will be able to return to his former glory. After a series of failures, the basketball coach travels to Spain, finds a unique player, Bo Cruz, with a difficult past, and brings him to America. The main character is ready to assemble a new basketball team to prove that there is still a chance to get into the NBA league.

Earning popularity in basketball, the scout suddenly realized that society did not need it at all and had become outdated for a long time. Fans and fans have forgotten about him, and it will be quite difficult to break into your favorite league again. He realizes that he needs a breakthrough in the form of a guy who can replicate phenomenal abilities on the field with enemies. And one day such a person appears in Spain. The protagonist became interested in him, and realized that he needed to be encouraged and convinced that he had all the habits of a leader in order to advance in the NBA.

This is the only chance to return to the basketball level as a professional. Growing a new legend in this activity is difficult. But trying in this way to influence the youngster, and give him faith in his own skills, he becomes a coach and friend in combination. But before achieving success and proper goals, they will have to face many difficulties and great competition.