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Queer As Folk Season 1 Torrent Download Brenda two days ago was a happy wife and caring mother. But the husband, returning with the offspring from his sister’s birthday, lost control at great speed. The car turned into an ugly pile of metal scraps, and the passengers died instantly. Orphan Anders came under the care of good people at the age of five. By the time the young man came of age, his adoptive loving parents turned into a mound of ashes along with the house.

An investigation by the brave police revealed a deliberate crime, but the arsonists could not be found. The boy was orphaned again. Nicole was subjected to fierce harassment from her own students, who found her candid photos on one of the adult sites. Tired of a beggarly salary, the teacher sold her pictures, wanting easy and quick money.

Eric became a victim of cruel hatred and racism, differing from his peers only in the color of his skin. Even friends joined the horde of impudent schoolchildren, not wanting to fall under a frantic flurry of offensive nicknames and be subjected to regular beatings. All of them are victims of mocking fate and human heartlessness. And each of them finds a way into a certain community of representatives of non-traditional minorities, where they will provide invaluable and necessary support.

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