For All Mankind Season 3

For All Mankind Season 3 Torrent Download The 60s of the last century became famous for incredible discoveries related to space exploration. For humanity, this period has become truly wonderful, because thanks to the exploration of space, it was possible to learn many interesting facts. At the same time, this event gave rise to great competition between the USSR and the USA, which at that time were waging a “cold war” among themselves. Each of the countries tried to get ahead of its rival in achieving certain results. Mankind was waiting for the one who would be the first to conquer space.

Episode 1

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For All Mankind Season 3 Torrent Magnet Links Still, the USSR was able to get ahead of America, and the first person to go into space was Yuri Gagarin. This event was of great importance in space exploration, and soon this man became known to the whole world. However, the United States did not want to give up so easily, so they actively tried to make a new, more significant achievement. The Americans were sure that their technological progress was many times higher than the Russian one. Nevertheless, on June 26, 1969, the USSR was again one step ahead – Alexei Leonov became the first person to fly into outer space.

The government in the United States was at a loss from what was happening, but still was not going to give up. A little later, they still managed to make a big breakthrough – in 1969, an American flew to the moon, placing an American flag on its surface. But the struggle for space exploration did not end there, and a lot of interesting things awaited humanity ahead.