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First Kill Season 1 Torrent Download It just so happened that the modest and quiet high school student Juliette Fairmont, who at first glance does not differ from her peers, actually grows and matures in a family of ancient vampires who carefully observe all the traditions and rules of the clan, including regular ingestion of the blood of ordinary people. Such a terrible diet promises a lot of benefits, including amazing power, immortality and other nice bonuses, but in order to get all of the above, the girl must go through initiation, and this day is getting closer.

By the will of fate, the family of the young Kalioppa arrives in the city, and she goes to study in the class where the heroine is. Deciding that the new one would not be so sorry, Julia chooses her as a victim, assuming that she will cope with the poor thing without any problems, not suspecting that two surprises await her here, one more original than the other. Firstly, the beauty chosen as a snack comes from a family of famous vampire hunters, and it’s time for her to destroy her first bloodsucker, but this is not the worst thing. The further, the stronger the girls are imbued with one another with real romantic passion, and as a result, their relationship and intentions are completely confused, and what to do is completely unclear.