Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022)

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Jerry & Marge Go Large 2022 Torrent Download Jerry Selbee worked for Kellogg’s for forty-two years, but now he’s been made redundant and forced to retire. He is not very satisfied with the results of his work, although he is surrounded by loving people. Jerry has a wife, Marge, a daughter, Liz, a son, Ben, who is married to Heather, and a granddaughter, Dawn. Jerry befriends Howard, Shirley and the accountant Steve.

They all like to remember the happy past, but Jerry does not like living only memories of happy times, he wants the present to be happy too and intends to use his mathematical abilities for this. Jerry thinks he has found a way to win the Winfall lottery with a guarantee. He intends to use the money he has obtained through this for the development of the city.