Crimes of the Future (2022)

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Crimes of the Future 2022 Torrent Download The events take place in the near future. Humans have been diagnosed with accelerated evolution syndrome. Because of this, something strange happens to the human body, the biological and biochemical composition begins to change. Some people calmly accept the metamorphosis that happens to them, others are depressed and not ready to come to terms with what is happening, they try to fight it. In any case, there is no way to stop this process yet. Mankind is forced to adapt to new conditions of existence.

Popular artist Sol Tenser was able to build a career using the new possibilities of his body. He has a pretty assistant, Caprice. New and very unusual organs grow on Sol’s body, which Caprice removes in front of an astonished audience. Many consider such a spectacle bright and interesting. The authorities express dissatisfaction with such a performance. But transhumanists have a positive attitude towards this show. Tenser wants to surprise the audience even more. A man is preparing a performance that can greatly shock everyone.