The Umbrella Academy Season 1, 2

The Umbrella Academy Season 1, 2 Torrent Download The story begins to unfold in an alternate reality. It all starts at the moment when several women give birth to children. The strange thing is that women were completely unaware that they were expecting a baby. And in the end, each baby was endowed with certain and unique abilities.

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It was at this time on the territory of the Earth that one man stands up to protect seven children who could be in the hands of scientists. This man is directly related to one of the alien races, but he carefully hides his origin. He unites the rescued children into a kind of community, which is called the The Umbrella Academy Season 1, 2 Torrent Magnet Links. Now all these children will have to learn to contain and control their powers.

They are told that the future of the planet will depend on their actions in the future. And if they do everything right, they will be able to protect her. But many years have passed, and no danger has appeared. Then, one decides to start the most ordinary human life. They diverge in different directions. And none of them knows that very soon they will again have to face each other under very strange circumstances. And then, united, stand up for the protection of the Earth.