Little Fires Everywhere Season 1

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Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Torrent Download The main character, Elena Richardson, is a loving wife, caring mother of four, and part-time journalist for the second-largest newspaper in the small town of Shaker Heights.

Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Torrent Magnet Her house is in perfect order: all the children are dressed, well-fed and do not need anything, the lawn is cut exactly 20 centimeters, and even sex with her husband takes place on certain days. Everything was fine with her until the African-American artist Mia Warren arrived in the city with her daughter. They are the exact opposite of the Helen family: they live in a car, often move, eat what they have to, in a word, there is no order.



An exemplary mother decides to help new arrivals with settling in a new place and rents out living space to them. But Helen did not think this was enough, and she offered her a job as a housekeeper. Mia refused, considering it humiliating. Meanwhile, a desperate Samaritan begins to have problems with her youngest daughter, Easy. The girl rebels, sets her hair on fire with a curling iron, dresses up in dark non-conformist outfits and refuses to do what she is told.

At the same moment, Mia begins to have problems with her own child. Her daughter Pearl befriends the landlady’s son, Moody. They spend a lot of time together at their home. In contrast, Pearl sees their family as perfect and hers as inferior. Then she and her new friend get into a little trouble. Fortunately, the heroes come out clean from the water, but the girl’s mother decides to leave.