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Midnight Mass Season 1 Torrent Download Sometimes it is very difficult to live in places that are isolated from the big world. Here, time flows in a completely different way than in other locations, or even froze. Perhaps these places are cursed?

Who knows, it might be. Strange, literally inexplicable events very often occur in such locations. Even local residents cannot really understand what is happening here, not to mention visitors. The protagonist of the story is a young priest who arrives on one of the isolated islands.

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The young man is not deprived of charisma. He must find a common language with the locals, who have long wanted a cult representative on their territory. Everything seems to be going on as usual, but with the arrival of a young charismatic priest, some “malfunctions” began on this island. It seems that something is not going according to plan. But the locals can not really explain what is happening here, it does not lend itself to any logical arguments. Perhaps the charismatic priest will have to leave the island before it’s too late. But perhaps it’s not the person, but the place, because this island is very strange. How will the twisted story end?