Dopesick Season 1

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Dopesick Season 1 Torrent Download The main character is a man who once took the Hippocratic oath. This hero is a doctor who saves human lives, but one day he finds out information that changes his understanding of many things, and indeed changes his life completely.



At this moment, it seems to him that the whole world is turning against him, but what happened? At first glance, it seems to be nothing terrible, just the main character of the story has become a carrier of dangerous information. But what is the essence of this information? The protagonist learns about a conspiracy between the largest pharmaceutical companies around the world. The giants of this business agree that they will increase the production of opioid painkillers.

Exactly the main character does not yet know what it is for, but obviously this does not mean anything good. Will the doctor be able to change the whole system, which, moreover, has already been rotting from the inside for a long time. The main character, although he tries to portray a brave man, is just an ordinary doctor who finds it hard to fight the system that has taken up arms against him. Storm clouds have long gathered over his head, and now they will pour rain. Will the main character be able to somehow influence the situation? Will he be able to finish the job?