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Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Torrent Download Detective stories give people their charm of mystery. Reading these novels, you never know how they will end. Although, in principle, they end up about the same. At the end of detective novels, the name of the killer or villain responsible for all the misfortunes of the heroes is necessarily called.

Only Murders in the Building



Human fantasy has almost no limits, so when you love to read crime stories, you need to be very careful. Otherwise, you can imagine a lot of things. Particularly “sensitive” may even feel like private detectives, which of course they are not. The main characters are residents of a high-rise building in Manhattan. These three just love crime stories, where the detective story weaves together with parallel lines, creating a truly unique pattern of suspense.

The main characters, of course, would like to be private detectives, but everyone has their own life and profession. They say that you should be afraid of your desires. One day, a crime occurs in a house in Manhattan. Three heroes, armed with their knowledge taken from detective novels, decide to find out who in the end committed the crime. What will come of it?