Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1, 2

Events in the presented series begin to develop in the 17th century. Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1, 2 Torrent Download The US government has stopped hunting witches. An agreement was concluded between the two parties, the essence of which was as follows: the country will not destroy those who have supernatural abilities, and they, in turn, will serve in the army for the good of the country.

Motherland: Fort Salem

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Centuries have passed. Witches are trained at a special site located in Fort Salem. The main characters are three girls about whom little is known. Rael’s mother died while performing another mission in the ranks. Tully is kind, sympathetic, very curious. Scylla is mischievous, but hides a lot of secrets, her soul is very dark, although it’s hard to believe. I wonder who Scylla really is, what can be expected from her? There is another girl named Abigail. She, as well as the first two, are trying to bring good and use magical abilities in the right direction. They can settle any conflict, including a military one.

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1, 2 Torrent Magnet The government has high hopes for these girls, because they have repeatedly stopped especially dangerous terrorists, did not allow them to translate their terrible ideas into reality. But all these witches fight no worse, and even better than men! An indisputable fact!
The action of the series “Motherland: Fort Salem” begins to unfold in the seventeenth century. The alternative representation of the United States of America has become a haven. In the 17th century, the government of the state stopped hunting witches, both sides concluded a peace treaty with each other. It said: the country does not open fire on representatives of the supernatural race, and sorceresses serve in the army for the good of the country. Three hundred years have passed, the current witches are trained in military science at a special site in Fort Salem. The main characters of the picture are three young girls. Little is known about them.

The first is Rael. Her mother died in the line of duty. The second is Tully. She is good-natured, principled, very curious. The third is Scylla. The girl is mischievous as a rookie, playful, but her soul is dark. I wonder what surprises she can prepare, who is this Scylla? The fourth is Abigail. The last and the first two learn to use magic for its intended purpose, they are the main weapon for resolving, preventing conflicts of our time, the fair sex bravely fight against terrorist groups. Witches fight better than male soldiers, proving their superiority time after time.