The Black Phone (2021)

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The Black Phone 2021 Torrent Download Finney Shaw is a 13-year-old boy from the USA. He has a shy personality and has difficulty communicating with peers. Despite the antics of school bullies and the lack of friends, he continues to believe in a brighter future and actively studies, hoping to one day enter a good college. Suddenly, his career dreams are shattered: the boy is kidnapped by an unknown man in a frightening mask. He turns out to be a serial killer who derives sadistic pleasure from the slow torture of teenagers subjected to long psychological torture.

The boy is locked in a fortified basement with complete soundproofing. His screams are not heard by people on the street, and the door is too strong for a skinny kid to break it down. Sometimes a kidnapper comes in to enjoy the despair of his frightened captive. Suddenly, Finn finds a switched off mobile phone in a locked room. He answers a mysterious call and contacts past victims of maniacs who died at his hands. Dead children are ready to help the new prisoner, developing with him a plan to escape and confront the insane psychopath.