Sing 2 (2021)

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The plot of the fascinating cartoon introduces Buster Moon, a cheerful and resourceful koala, and the adventure continues on this. The gifted talented animal, along with other artists, is currently preparing for the long-awaited grand opening of his dizzying show. They were sure that thanks to the new project they could get incredible fame.

Sing 2 Torrent Download But here there is a serious snag, because first of all, Buster and his team urgently need to figure out how to persuade a celebrity in the music genre to join this event. A brave and courageous team turns into a small theater, because it is the very epicenter of power for the environment. Here, the prize for the performers is a performance with interesting concert numbers that will take place at the Crystal Tower. The children understand that without help they will not be able to cope with the task. The central characters began to actively discuss all further actions, and as a result they decided to penetrate the wolf’s lair, which keeps the entire small town in horror. Boon at this time go to visit Clay in order to offer the vocalist to cooperate in one team.