The Terminal List Season 1

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The Terminal List Season 1 Torrent Download The protagonist gave all of himself and his life to the service of the state. However, by and large, no one needed such a sacrifice. The main character is James. He is a sea cat. As part of a special squad, he performs a super-complex operation. But in the end, something goes wrong, and the entire Marine platoon dies in an ambush.



The protagonist is the only one left alive in the mess. He returns home. James is tormented by questions and doubts. In addition, he is tormented by guilt, this man literally cannot calm down. This whole story with a failed special operation seems very strange to him, but so far these are just thoughts in his head.

However, not much time passes from thoughts to real knowledge. In search of a logical explanation of what actually happened during the special operation, the protagonist finds evidence that powerful forces in the government itself were in the know. Someone is playing a double or maybe even a triple game. The protagonist worked all his life for the government, but at the most crucial moment it did absolutely nothing to help him, but on the contrary, “buried” deeper and deeper. Now James knew who those rats from the government were, that they knew in advance that the operation would fail. He makes his own list of people who should die in the near future, and of course, he will make every effort to do so.