Resident Evil Season 1

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Resident Evil Season 1 Torrent Download It is very hard to believe, but three decades have already passed since the most dangerous virus in the history of mankind was discovered to the whole world. This virus forever changed human society, people are no longer what they were before. What are we talking about?

Of course, about the infamous “T-Virus”. Like a deadly wave that swept away millions of people, the virus instantly spread across the planet. This infection has opened the eyes of mankind to a very simple fact, you should not trust scientists, they stir up something incomprehensible too often. Three decades later, the virus cannot leave people alone, because outbreaks of this disease have been recorded again recently. This is becoming so frequent that calls can be heard to investigate what is going on in the many nooks and crannies of the Umbrella corporation.



You can be ignorant all your life, but still be happy. The reverse situation will be, to find out the truth, freed from all shackles completely. The heroes of history decide on their own which side to take, but at the same time you need to be aware that you need to be on the side of the truth. Bad times are not forever, the darkness will leave one day, and those who were at one with it will pay with a bitter coin.