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Alina is a young and attractive girl who lives in a fictional country called Ravkia. Shadow and Bone Season 1 Torrent Download The situation in this state is similar to that of the early 19th century. The girl has already experienced many difficulties in her youth. At an early age, she lost her parents, after which she had to be brought up in an orphanage that was built by the respected Prince Keramzin.

Not far from the mansion that belonged to the prince, there was the same house where orphans lived. Alina was quite smart and sociable girl who always wanted to learn something new and interesting. The teachers loved her very much and saw great potential in her.



When the main character grew up, she decided to go to university, choosing the specialty of a cartographer. Having successfully graduated from an educational institution, Alina chose to stay at the university, but already as a teacher. At that time, the girl could not even imagine what cardinal changes awaited her in the near future. Miraculously, the main character received a unique gift that is beyond the control of ordinary people. Along with this, she learned about the existence of dark forces that want to seize power over humanity. Now Alina’s new abilities will come in handy for her to fight evil.