Revolver (2005)

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Revolver 2005 Torrent Download One surefire way to get smarter is to play with a smarter opponent. He remembers everything that happened on that ill-fated day 10 years ago. Then the mechanism started, which lowered his life downhill.

Release year: 2005
Country: UK, France
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Detective
Duration: 01:51:21

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Jake Green was a professional gambler and quite lucky. But luck ends when he is noticed by local crime boss Dorothy Maka, who runs an illegal gambling business in the city. When he loses his boyfriend on the eve of a big game, his men, watching Green’s game, suggest to the boss who should replace the eliminated player. When the protagonist refuses Maki’s offer, the bigwig begins to blackmail the man with the death of people close to him.

Having no other choice, Jack had to agree to the conditions put before him. However, sitting down at the gambling table that day, he earned himself a lot of problems. When the man wins, a shootout breaks out, the winnings are stolen, his brother’s wife is killed, and he himself is sentenced to years in prison. After 7 years, a man is released with the firm intention of taking revenge on a cynical and cruel bandit.