Not Okay (2022)

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The film Not Okay torrent is about the story of Susan, who is no different from other teenagers. She dreams of becoming popular, going to parties and basking in the spotlight. Her main subject of adoration for several years was Colin. The king of the school never even looked in her direction. The girl is afraid that people will not be able to love her real. In just a few days, she becomes a real social media star. Suzanne decides to cheat in order to get the love of numerous subscribers.

The audience of the novice blogger believes that she is in Paris. She diligently processes photos and tries to achieve maximum realism. Fake pictures can only be distinguished from genuine ones by a professional, ordinary inhabitants firmly believe in the impudent lies of a rising star. The truth comes out when a terrorist attack occurs in the French capital. A few hours earlier, Susan posted a photo from the same street. We have to look for a way out of the predicament.