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Keep Breathing Season 1 Torrent Download The small plane carrying Liv, a lawyer from New York, crashed. Passengers and crew died, and Liv was completely alone in the gloomy Canadian forests. Now she needs to make every effort to survive and get home. But harsh conditions, bad weather and lack of necessary skills are clearly not on her side.

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At some point, several friends decide to fly their own plane. I must say that at some point it turns out that life really presents an extremely unpleasant surprise to these people. The thing is that at some point the plane starts to behave completely differently than it should. This will eventually cause the aircraft to begin a steep descent and then simply plummet downwards.

In the end, it completely breaks down in some incredible place where no ordinary person has set foot. In this Canadian wilderness, only one girl remains alive. Moreover, she has never been on survival courses and has no idea where to start. The most important thing in such a situation is not to panic, and she tries to calm herself. Further, she understands that here she will have to do everything possible in order not to die of hunger and thirst. You really have to settle down, otherwise death is definitely guaranteed to her. Now she has to fight not only with the elements, but also with her own demons.