Secret Headquarters (2022)

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Secret Headquarters 2022 Torrent Download Charlie Kincaid is an ordinary guy. He studies at school, doesn’t do his homework too hard, and prefers to have fun with his friends rather than think about exams. His family also does not cause surprise or strange suspicions. But one day the life of a teenager changes, revealing to him an amazing secret. In his own house, right in the basement, the headquarters is hidden. It is filled with modern technology and looks like a superhero lives here. This makes the boy remember strange little things that he hardly noticed before.



Suspicious persons often appeared near the house, but they appeared once and he did not see them again. If he is right and a secret agent has settled in his basement, then his life will now be much more dangerous. The villains will not be happy that he has declassified the secret and will try to attack him. Charlie talks about the exciting discovery to friends. Together they gather at the headquarters, thinking about whether to share this information with adults. Kincaid’s best friend makes an unexpected guess. It seems that Charlie’s aloof and withdrawn father is this superhero. He leads a double life protecting civilians from danger. And now the guys need to join his fight to keep the secret.