This Is Going to Hurt Season 1

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This Is Going to Hurt / Season: 1 / Episodes: 1-7 of 7 16.04 GB

A young man named Adam spends more of his life at work than anywhere else. He works as a doctor in a local clinic in the maternity ward. He is an expert in his field, everyone respects him, he was able to make himself a chic career. He works very hard, ninety-seven hours a week. Adam struggles with other people’s problems, pain and suffering. Such hard work puts mental and physical stress on him, he gets very tired, but does not stop working. Treatment of the disease does not always end well.

In the department where she works, everything is connected with motherhood and children. In this difficult matter, the doctor has a great responsibility, because he helps the new person to exist in this world. After so many years of work, Adam is on the verge of nervous exhaustion. This Is Going to Hurt Season 1 Torrent Download He does not like the grueling shift schedule, huge risks and very modest earnings. He is going through a difficult emergency. Adam has to make difficult decisions at a tense moment on which the life of another person depends, in order to win or lose in the fight against death. Heavy workdays have a negative impact on his personal relationships. It is difficult for him to combine work with love relationships.

Country: UK
Release year: 2022
Genre: drama, comedy
Duration: 45 min.

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Subtitles: Russian, English