Glorious (2022)

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Glorious 2022 Torrent Download Toilet stalls have been the setting for many great horror films – Halloween, Scream and more. But to make the whole film in such a glorious place is a completely different proposal. But it’s worth it. At the center of this great story is Wes, who recently went through a breakup. A man finds himself in a remote parking lot, locked in a public restroom with a mysterious figure talking to him from a nearby stall. Gradually, Wes realizes that he was in a rather nasty and serious situation, on a scale that he could not even imagine.

Glorious quickly enough begins to arrange a chain of intriguing clues for the viewer to try to piece together the story that led this man to his current position. The mess in the car, the shabby look, the flashbacks make it clear that he clearly has problems. But if you think the protagonist’s world is weird, wait. When he enters the inside of a public toilet, he will be even more creepy, mystical and unpredictable. This poorly lit place, reminiscent of a prison cell, with dark corners, gives vent to the imagination.



But when a mysterious voice is heard from a locked booth, this already unpleasant place turns into something creepy and infernal. Although from the very beginning this creature is not scary at all. And the scene in which she and Wes introduce themselves to each other is even funny. But as the situation develops, everything changes. Glorious is basically Shutter Island, but in a toilet. A surprisingly strange space horror quest room that is as dark and grimy as it is outlandishly funny.